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Reid, Robert Stephen
Resner, Andre, Hood Theological Seminary
Rietveld, David
Rippentrop, Jan Schnell
Royster, Michael
Royster, Michael, Houston Graduate School of Theology
Royster, Michael D.
Rubinstein, Ernest


Satterlee, Craig A., Lutheran School of Theology
Schade, Leah D.
Schade, Leah D.
Schade, Leah
Schade, Leah D.
Schmit, Clayton J.
Schnasa Jacobsen, David
Schnasa Jacobsen, David
Scriven, Charles
Sensing, Tim, Abilene Christian University
Sensing, Tim
Shields, Bruce E, Emmanuel School of Religion
Sigmon, Casey T.
Simpson, Gary V.
Smith, Ted A.
Sniffen, Michael T.
Sokolove, Deborah, Director, Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion at Wesley Theological

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