Homiletic is a scholarly forum in homiletics and a review of publications in religious communication. It is a freely accessible, peer-reviewed journal.

Homiletic is sponsored by the Academy of Homiletics. Editorial support for Homiletic is provided by the Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University. Hosting of the journal and technical support is provided by the Vanderbilt University Libraries.



Copyright Notice

All reviews commissioned by Homiletic are the exclusive property of the Journal. Reviews are considered a work made-for-hire, and, as such, all copyright rights to the review shall be owned by and be in the name of the Academy of Homiletics. The Academy of Homiletics in turn grants all review authors the right to reprint their reviews in any format that they choose, without the payment of royalties, subject to giving proper credit to the original publication with Homiletic. The Academy of Homiletics also permits its reviews to be copied for non-profit educational use provided proper credit is given to the review author and the Journal.